Miller Smith 23-5005A Quickbraze Little Torch Outfit

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• Brazes solenoid and expansion valves so quickly that heat is un- able to transfer to internal parts, protecting them from damage and eliminating the need for messy and costly heat sink materials.
• Twin flame tips solder coil return bends quickly and evenly; concentrated heat will not heat and loosen surrounding joints.
• Twin flame •C• Style tips quickly braze reversing valves without burning internal components.
• Revolutionary patented •C• style tips provide 100% flame wrap for fast, efficient, even heating. Heat produced is confined to the joint area protecting surroundings from burning. •C• style tips also assure even heat on the blind side of the braze joint.
• Accumulators can be brazed extremely fast by simply laying the patented •C• style tip near the joint.

Miller 23-5005A Quickbraze Oxygen & Acetylene HVAC Outfit includes 10" hose assembly, single flame tip, twin flame tip, patented C style tip and heating tip. UL listed outfit is used to braze from 1/2" - 1 3/8". The Quickbraze oxy-fuel outfits are ideal for appliance repair refrigeration, air conditioning repair as well as many other HVAC projects. The flexible multi-flame tip selection make this torch kit ideal for any number of applications. Kevlar hoses for added durability and safety, Versatile tips for countless applications, Produces pin-point heat to minimize the risk of burning the surrounding area. Package of 1

CGA Fitting:  

Division:  Quickbraze

Fuel Gas:  Oxy/Acetylene


Includes:  Torch Assembly, Single Flame Tip, Twin Flame Tip, C Style Tip, Heating Tip, "A" to "B" Hose Adaptors, Operators Manual
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