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One of the hallmarks of good PPE is well-fitting equipment because poor-fitting PPE can lead to operator discomfort and distraction thereby becoming a hazard itself.With the number of women welders on the rise, Black Stallion® recognized early on that designing PPE to fit women was a serious need. With the creation of the AngelFire® line – a collection of protective garments and gloves designed, cut and fitted specifically for women – B… Read more
Black Stallion recently introduced two new types of gloves: one for MIG welding and one suitable for general work in a variety of industries ranging from fabrication to construction.New for MIG welding but featuring all the qualities pros expect from Black Stallion is the GM1715-TT Grain Pigskin Palm MIG Glove with Side Padding. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large, the GM1715-TT will keep you comfortable a… Read more

Posted by Weldfabulous on Jul 18th 2022

Whether you’re a welding apprentice or a master fitter, having the right helmet matters. With 80 years in the welding industry, we know from experience!And while every welder has their preferences, we can probably all agree the best welding helmet is one that makes the job safer and easier to do. To accomplish this, your helmet must be lightweight and simple to use yet still have the high tech features best suited to your workstyle. Bonus p… Read more
There’s more than one reason that WeldTec’s Rocker torch kits are known as the “pipe welder’s dream”.The patented Rocker cable connection allows the torch body to rock back and forth on the power cable without binding or twisting. Not only does this unrestrained rocking motion reduce tension and fatigue on the welder’s hand and wrist (allowing for longer weld cycles and less downtime) the rocking motion is ideal for walking the… Read more