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Comfort isn’t guaranteed when it comes to safety and productivity, but Miller Electric has excelled on all three points with its new Face Shield Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).In fact, the new Miller Face Shield PAPR System was designed to keep users comfortable so safety gear stays on — even in the most extreme applications.Miller's Face Shield PAPR System enhances comfort and visibility to increase all-day wear by of… Read more
Hougen magnetic drills are great for the shop, but they’re more likely to go where other drills can’t – right to the job site and work piece.A magnetic drill is a specialized portable power tool used for drilling holes in steel and similar metals. And it can be used in any position—vertical, horizontal, or overhead (upside down).It can be time-consuming and cumbersome to try to maneuver large steel or pipe into position at a stationary… Read more
ESAB has cranked up the heat on its Burn and Earn rewards program this spring.In addition to a variety of rebates on machines, Medalist kits and filler metals, anyone who purchases the ESAB Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC between May 15, 2022 and June 25, 2022 will get a free Sentinel A50 welding helmet valued at $375.The Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC offers big advantages in a small package. It is a true all-in-one welding system… Read more
Thin cutting wheels have made the job of the welder, fabricator and maintenance technician easier by providing a quick and simple way to cut a piece of metal without the need for other bulky equipment (torches, large saws, etc.).But all the benefits of a particular wheel don’t mean a thing if it’s the incorrect wheel for the job. United Abrasives/ SAIT offers nine different cutting wheels, all for varying applications because each wheel has… Read more