Miller Smith 16281 Medium Duty Acetylene Combination Torch Kit

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Medium Duty
• Internal threads are protected from damage if the torch is dropped, eliminating costly torch repair, replacement or downtime.
• Double-tube handle, tube-within-a-tube design provides strength while reducing weight. Internal tube is silver brazed for extra protection, strength and leak resistance.
• Adjustable valve resistance - Special PTFE packing provides a gas-tight seal while allowing the •drag• to be adjusted to the individual preference.
• Corrosion-resistant balls and brass seating surfaces provide gall resistance and positive, chatter-free seating.
• Replaceable hose connections are easily replaced if damaged.

This Medium-Duty kit come with either our classic MC cutting assembly with two cutting tips and torch-mount flashback arrestors. Torch is capable of cutting up to 5/8 inch (16 mm) with tips included. The Graf-Tite� cutting tip seats hold up far longer and require less replacement than traditional metal-to-metal seats. Torches may be used with alternate fuel gases and tips designated for alternate fuel. Package of 1

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Division:  Medium Duty

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