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Lincoln Electric K4266-1 LN-25X Wire Feeders with Magnum Pro Curve 300A 045 One-Pak

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Lincoln Electric K4266-1 LN-25X Wire Feeders with Magnum Pro Curve 300A 045 One-Pak

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric K4266-1 LN-25X Wire Feeders with Magnum Pro Curve 300A 045 One-Pak

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• Portable and light weight field construction wire feeder
• CrossLinc technology provides voltage control on the feeder when paired with a CrossLinc compatible power source. No control cables are needed.
• TVT compensates for voltage drop across long weld cable lengths, allowing you to weld with the voltage you set at the feeder
• Included Tweco® or Twistmate®(Dinse®) input power connection. Flowmeter and non-flowmeter models available.
• Up to 44-lb spool capacity

We understand the needs of those working hard in the field every single day. Whether you’re working on a large structure in a shipyard, or you’re 100 feet off of the ground, your safety and efficiency should never be jeopardized. The less you have to move, the more valuable you are. We believe good equipment should never limit your capabilities, and the LN-25X wire feeder with CrossLinc® and True Voltage Technology™ (TVT™) helps you get the job done with drastically less movement. As is common in many outdoor welding applications: (Structural steel, Shipbuilding, Offshore, etc.) the operator can be located hundreds of feet away from the power source. All that cable can create a difference in voltage, or voltage drop, between the power source and the weld. In the example below, 24 volts is set on the welding power source. Due to electrical resistance through long cables, only 20 volts are actually available at the arc. This would result in a cold weld. True Voltage Technology (TVT) sees this drop and gives you the true voltage you set by adjusting the power source to compensate for the voltage drop. In the example below, 24 volts is preset at the LN-25X. TVT senses there is a 4 volt drop due to long weld cables and compensates by increasing the welder output to 28 volts. The result is the desired 24 volts available at the welding arc. Includes: K4267-2: LN-25X w/CrossLinc&TVT No Flowmeter, K2951-2-10-45: Magnum Pro Curve 300A, 15ft 045 Ready-Pak, KP1697-045C: .045 cored drive rolls kit, 2 Gun Bushings (K1500-2 installed; K1500-1 loose).

Package:  1
Click Here for the Lincoln Electric LN-25X Wire Feeders with CrossLinc Spec Sheet