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Harris Al-Solder 500 Aluminum Solder Kit

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Harris Al-Solder 500 Aluminum Solder Kit


Harris Al-Solder 500 Aluminum Solder Kit

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HARRIS ALSOLDER 500 ALUMINUM SOLDER KIT ALSOLDER 500 Solder alloy for torch or iron; used to join all solderable aluminum alloys to each other and to dissimilar metals; also for zinc die-cast. Includes 1 oz. (28g) solder and 1 oz. (28g) flux. Procedure: Clean the area to be soldered Apply STAY CLEAN aluminum flux If using an open flame, heat indirectly with the torch in motion (do not direct the torch on the flux) Heat until the flux becomes a nut brown color Apply the alloy Discontinue heat as soon as flow Features: Tensile strength - Up to 20,000 psi Solidus - 391 F. Liquidus - 482 F. Good color match on aluminum and zinc die cast Elongation - 50% in 2" ;through of the solder occurs Allow to cool Remove flux residue with wire brush and hot water. Package of 1

Type:  Aluminum

Size:  2 oz.

AWS Class:  

Package:  1
Click Here for the Harris AL-SOLDER 500 Spec Sheet