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How Do I Choose a Welding School?

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With the fall season and final admission deadlines fast approaching, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of factors to consider when selecting a welding school for all of our hobbyists and novices who may be contemplating pursuing welding as a career.

The first, and likely most important factor to take into account is what application of welding you’d like to pursue. Different schools will have stronger programs for certain types of applications and some may not offer the specific application you are interested in. Be sure to do your research so you’re certain the school you select is going to provide you with the education you want. A quick Google search can go a long way in gathering all the information you need on schools in your area and around the country.

The next variable to consider is location. Is there a school or training program within commuting distance? To circle back to the first item, does that facility offer the program you’re interested in? Once again, Google can be your best friend in answering these questions. Most community and technical colleges have vocational training and many larger cities will have schools dedicated solely to welding.

The third topic for scrutiny is accreditation and price. Be careful to read the fine print when skimming through program descriptions. This can become very tedious as they all begin to sound the same, but you want to be absolutely sure of what exactly each program offers. Will you receive a certification? Does the program lead into an apprenticeship? Beyond that, what will it cost for you to complete the program? Does the school offer scholarships or financial assistance?

The final bit of advice we’d like to offer is good for anyone approaching secondary education. Ask yourself, “Do I definitely want to do this?” It’s all too common for students to get into the middle of a costly intensive program and realize it’s not everything they’d hoped. Take your time, think about how the choice will affect your life, both good and bad, and do your research. Even for people who aren’t great with computers, a spreadsheet can be an incredibly helpful tool when juggling so many factors.

Good luck and as always, be sure to shop for all your welding (and schooling) needs!

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