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Wilton 11128BH B.A.S.H 6.5" Bench Vise and 4 lb. Hammer Bundle

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Who else puts their money where their mouth is? Wilton’s $1000 B.A.S.H. guarantee says a lot. No wonder they are the leaders in the industry and have been Holding Strong Since 1941. Wilton is so confident in the WILTON B.A.S.H®Unbreakable® Handle Technology that for 2 full years after purchase, break the handle under normal wear and tear and receive $1,000. If you so happen to have hulked-out and actually busted the handle, you can view full details on how to claim your $1,000 here.

Wilton is in the vice world, as Apple is in the tech world. They last and hold an incredible resale value. This kit comes with a lifetime warranty. The average lifetime of a Wilton vice is between six and ten years. Their vintage vices have been known to seriously, last a lifetime.

The Wilton 11128BH 6.5" Bench Vise is light duty and great for hobby use. The 180° swivel base with lock-down allows for quick and easy positioning. Its powder-coat paint resists scratches and provides a tough durable surface. It comes with built-in pipe jaws, which can handle various pipe sizes and large anvil work surface. This clamp is perfect for general clamping applications. It is a rugged and versatile yet moderately priced vise. Wilton shop vises have heavy-duty castings with a 30,000 PSI iron body built for rugged use and extended life. With the capability of handling pipe as well as mounting to the bench, this vise comes with 3 mounting posts providing more stability and a secure hold.

The Wilton B.A.S.H. 4lb. hammer utilizes the unbreakable handle technology. Its steel core eliminates breaking during overstrikes. The steel head endures the most demanding of applications. The safety plate locks the head firmly to the handle eliminating dislodging. The ergonomic handle is shaped and thickened for improved comfort and less vibration helping prevent injury from repeat use. The No-Slip Grip, vulcanized rubber handle forms a secure grip while striking. And there is a lanyard hole allowing you to safely secure the hammer to wrist or stationary object.

It’s a perfect kit no matter your trade and no matter the task at hand. At Wilton, they are on a never-ending journey to create the highest quality, most indestructible tools on the market. This kit is a must have for every hobbyist. 

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