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Norton Abrasives Now Available At Weldfabulous

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Weldfabulous is excited to announce the implementation of an extensive line of products from Norton Abrasives.

Originating in 1885 with the purchase of a grinding wheel patent, Norton Abrasives quickly grew to one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States in the 1920s. From there, Norton continued to expand into a multinational, publicly held corporation with nearly 20,000 employees across 130 plants in 27 countries. Over that time, the company diversified to include many other industrial products as well as a research facility. After being acquired by one of the world’s largest industrial companies, Saint-Gobain, in 1990, Norton underwent extensive modernization and revitalization to continue to provide high quality solutions to their customers. After over 130 years, Norton remains a proud leader in the industry and offers an impressive variety of products worldwide.

From their beginnings in grinding wheels, Norton has expanded and perfected their product line to include a wide range of abrasives from sanding discs, rolls, and belts, to brushes, flap wheels, and mounted points. They also stretched beyond abrasives into wire brushes, liquids and compounds, and even light construction equipment. Weldfabulous is proud to welcome Norton’s diversity to our shelves and we look forward to being able to better serve our customers with inventory from such an exemplary brand.

Weldfabulous has always been dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers and couldn’t be more thrilled to continue that legacy with the inclusion of Norton Abrasives. Shop Norton Abrasives at

All innovations in one welding helmet: Optrel Panoramaxx

Are you ready for a whole new view on welding? Optrel’s latest innovation is the Panoramaxx auto darkening welding helmet. It combines all the technology from other helmets, like the e684’s True Color filter, and Autopilot and Twilight functions, the Vegaview’s 2.5 light state clarity, and the Weldcap’s wide view lens design. Optrel representatives stop by Weldfabulous to show us the [...]

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Wilton 11128BH B.A.S.H 6.5" Bench Vise and 4 lb. Hammer Bundle

Who else puts their money where their mouth is? Wilton’s $1000 B.A.S.H. guarantee says a lot. No wonder they are the leaders in the industry and have been Holding Strong Since 1941. Wilton is so confident in the WILTON B.A.S.H®Unbreakable® Handle Technology that for 2 full years after purchase, break the handle under normal wear and tear and [...]

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​Edge Eyewear Civetta Aurora Women's Safety Sunglasses

Finally! Designer safety glasses for women! Open your eyes to the  Civetta Aurora by Edge Eyewear, a line of highly functional, and of course, highly fashionable, protective eyewear so you can stay elegant in the shop or on the streets. It’s no secret that the world of welding and metal fabrication is rapidly evolving, and nothing but top notch equipment will [...]

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Safety First with the Lincoln Viking 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet!

Meet your welding safety requirements and still have the option to sport a design that fits your personality. The Lincoln Viking 3350 auto darkening welding helmet comes in gloss black, but you also have the option to get this helmet in one of  thirteen different graphic designs. This particular helmet has the largest viewing area in the Viking series helmet line, [...]

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Weldcote Metals brings True-Color Technology to the Ultraview Plus Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Looking for a fail proof design that provides you with the best protection? Tired of reloading your shade settings every time you get to work? Well, you came to the right place! Stop wasting your precious time to edit your settings. The Weldcote Metal Ultraview Helmet has long been an industry leader for going above [...]

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How to Identify Your Cylinder Fitting CGA Number

When you need to adapt a fuel gas regulator to a gas cylinder, finding the correct fitting can confuse even the most seasoned welder. With so many variables, and options to accommodate all of them, it’s imperative to be absolutely certain that the appropriate equipment has been chosen.The first thing to consider when selecting a cylinder fitting is the [...]

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Comfort. Safety. Convience. Weldcap Welding Masks offers it all.

Using what they had learned, Optrel created the Weldcap. They began by generating an auto-darkening lens with a nasal cutout that allows the lens to sit closer to the eyes, significantly increasing the wearer’s field of vision. In addition to a new lens, Optrel developed a lightweight, material combination of plastic and fabric textile parts, providing comfort and flexibility along with the necessary [...]

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FlakFinger and SmashPad from Black Stallion!

One of the biggest challenges of TIG welding has always been the difficult combination of necessary heat protection and essential finger mobility. Often, appropriate protection inhibits mobility beyond functionality. As operating without heat resistance is simply not an option, Black Stallion has recently released the FlakFinger heat-shielding sleeve.Constructed from multi layered, flame-resistant fiberglass, the FlakFinger is designed to fit over [...]

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Increase Productivity with Flap Discs

Flap discs are an excellent alternative to grinding wheels when your project requires a nicer finish. While grinding wheels can gouge the metal and leave an uneven surface that may show through plating or painting, flap discs produce a smoother finish for a more polished finished product.Unlike traditional flat sheets, flap discs are made of layered abrasive flaps. This means that [...]

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