Walter 54A027 Surfox-N Cleaning and Neutralizing Formula, 20L

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• Neutralizes acidic solutions
• Cleans the surface before and after treatment
• Prevents the formation of salt deposits (hazy white discoloration) around welds cleaned with SURFOX
• Easy and quick to use, works on both reflective and matte surfaces
• Water-based and label free, VOC free and non-flammable, SCAQMD compliant

Walter 54-A 027 Surfox-N Neutralizing Formula. Neutralizes SURFOX-G and SURFOX-T solutions. Apply to work surface after the electrochemical cleaning process. Neutralization is necessary to stop the action of the acid used during electrochemical and electro polishing processes. If the acid is not completely neutralized, it will continue to interact with the surface of the stainless steel. Rinsing with water is not enough to properly neutralize. Rinsing with water will only dilute the acid. For full neutralization first remove any excess electrolyte solution from the base material using a cleaning rag or a paper towel. Then neutralize by spraying SURFOX-N onto the surface and subsequently wiping the surface thoroughly with another clean cloth. Liquid 5.2 gal/20 L. Package of 1

Package:  1

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