Walter 54A005 Surfox-T Heavy Duty Electrolyte, Trigger Sprayer/1.5L, 4 pack

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SURFOX-T is a heavy-duty electrolyte cleaning solution that removes weld discoloration and enhances passivation to the work surface without the use of dangerous pickling paste. Thanks to the combination of Surfox-T and our High Conductivity Surfox cleaning pads that conduct more electricity, weld discoloration from harder to clean TIG and SPOT welds will be removed instantly and the original mill finish will be restored, requiring no further treatment. This heavy-duty electrolyte solution is composed of phosphoric acid and other additives which makes it ideal for the most demanding weld cleaning applications. SURFOX-T is formulated for cleaning TIG, SPOT and PULSED MIG welds. Package of 4

Package:  4

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