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Victor 0781-1245 S2570-034 Station Argon, Argon/CO2, Helium Flow Meter Regulator

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Victor 0781-1245 S2570-034 Station Argon, Argon/CO2, Helium Flow Meter Regulator

Victor Equipment

Victor 0781-1245 S2570-034 Station Argon, Argon/CO2, Helium Flow Meter Regulator

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• Compact design
• Accurate regulator for gas flow
• MIG / TIG applications
• Low surge rates, 25 psi preset

Victor 0781-1245 S 250 Series Single/Two Stage Light Duty Argon, Argon/CO2, Helium Regulator offers 5 - 50, 5 - 40, 20 - 140 SCFH delivery and is ideal for MIG or TIG applications. Regulator with maximum inlet pressure of 3000 PSIG features a forged brass body with housing cap and has 2" high pressure gauges with fabric reinforced neoprene diaphragm. Regulator comes with 034 CGA inlet connection having bronze sintered filter and 5/8"-18 RH(F) outlet connection for giving long lasting service. Regulator has an external reseating relief valve and a stem type seat mechanism. Two stage regulator, measures 7" X 6 1/2" X 5 1/2" and offers extremely accurate flow rates while reducing the cylinder pressure. Single stage regulator measuring 7" X 4 1/4" X 6 1/4" feature 3 gas calibrations with preset low surge outlet pressure of 25 PSIG and 80 PSIG on CO2. Victor has a full line of flow products for virtually any application, whether it is welding, industrial or laboratory use. Victor has a flow meter, flow gauge or surge limiting regulator for your needs. Victor offers a range of products for the delivery of shielding gas in the arc welding process or any other application where gas flow rates, verses delivery pressure, are the preliminary consideration. These products are available for pure or mixed gases and for working with either high pressure cylinders or low pressure "piped shop" environments. Offering Includes: Regulators with Flow Meter, Flow Meters, Flow Gauge Regulators, Single or two stage design, Surge Limiting Regulator. Design/Construction, Single or two stage design. Compact in size, Accurate regulator for gas flow. MIG / Tig applications. Two stage version provides extremely accurate flow rates as cylinder pressure declines. Low surge rate - 25 PSI preset.

Series:  S 250

Division:  Flow Meter

Gas:  Argon, Argon/CO2, Helium

Delivery Range:  5 - 50, 5 - 40, 20 - 140 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure:  3000

CGA Inlet Connection :  34

CGA Oulet Connection:  5/8" - 18 (RH Female)

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