Norton 66254492523 1/2x12 in. BlueFire Coated Cloth Belts, 50 Grit, 50 pack

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Zirconia Alumina

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• Strong, self-sharpening zirconia alumina abrasive for aggressive, fast cut
• Durable resin coating for excellent grain retention and product life
• Strong X-wt. polyester waterproof backing for moderate to heavy pressure applications
• Enhanced grinding aid makes it the cool cutting choice for grinding exotic alloys (titanium, etc.), forged and stainless steel
• 36-80 grit recommended for roughing to intermediate applications

Portable file belt sanders have replaced tedious hand filing and sanding. First introduced in pneumatic, they are now available in electric. Increasingly, tool manufacturers are introducing additional fixtures for an increasing number of applications. The belts listed are popular stock sizes, but additional sizes, specifications, backing materials, and edge scallops are available made-to-order. Package of 50

Series:  BlueFire

Material:  Zirconia Alumina

Grit:  50

Package:  50

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