Miller 260483 T94i Series Auto Darkening Helmet with Integrated Grinding Shield

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Welding Shade:
• Four lens operating modes provide versatility for various welding, cutting and grinding applications.
• X-Mode senses the arc's electromagnetic field rather than brightness to darken the lens, ideal for outdoor, low-amp TIG and obstructed view applications.
• Half shade settings for precise lens adjustment.
• Infotrack 2.0 allows for monitoring of arc time and arc count.
• Simplistic digital lens interface allows for easy adjustment with or without gloves.

The T94i Series Helmet is lightweight, well-balanced design reduces neck torque, minimizing operator fatigue and strain leading to an increase in short-term comfort as well as long-term health benefits. Ergonomic, four-point flexible headgear design provides a secure fit, while avoiding major pressure points within the head, maximizing all-day wear. Customizable fit with seamless tilt, distance and tightness adjustments. ClearLight lens technology optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states, reducing eye strain and operator fatigue. Shade 5.0 side windows enhance peripheral vision, amplifying sense of surroundings. Chiseled shell design provides optimal skin coverage while easily accommodating a Miller half mask respirator. Matte silver finish reflects ambient heat, reducing temperatures up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit underneath the helmet. Quick-release front cover lens simplifies lens changes, reducing downtime. Helmet locks in upright position, allowing user to keep helmet on for non-welding tasks. Package of 1

Cut Mode:  Yes

Welding Shade:  8-13

Number of Sensors:  4

Color:  Silver

Delay Control:  Yes

Grind Mode:  Yes

Helmet Weight (Oz.):  25.7

Lens Speed (Seconds):  1/20,000

Series:  T94

Shade Type:  Variable Shade

Viewing Area:  3" x 3"

Sensitivity Control:  Yes

Magnifier Capable:  Yes

Consumables:  Helmet Battery CR2450 (217043), Helmet Cover Lens, Outside (265304), Helmet Cover Lens, Inside (216327), Grinding Shield (258979).

Replacement Parts:  Auto-Darkening Lens (259572), Headgear (260486), Side Window Covers (260197), Front Fabric Sweatband (770249).

Accessories:  Helmet Bib (279078), Top Helmet Cape (279080), Universal Halo Hard Hat Adapter (265315), Slotted Hard Hat Adapter (259637).

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