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Ensitech PROPEL Torch Kit (P1104-004M) for TIG Brush System

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Ensitech PROPEL Torch Kit (P1104-004M) for TIG Brush System


Ensitech PROPEL Torch Kit (P1104-004M) for TIG Brush System

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• The Propel Torch™ gives the TIG Brush® user the ability to limit the brush length exposed from the shroud to ensure the brush is used to maximum efficiency.
• The Propel Torch™ automatically confines the tip of the brush to a much small diameter compared to conventional brush handles giving greater concentration of power to the area being cleaned.
• The Propel Torch™ allows a single rotation of the adjustment control to either extend or retract the required amount of exposed brush to adapt to all weld cleaning requirements.
• The Propel Torch™ has a patented threadless quick-release brush system that allows easy removal and replacing of the brush tips, and no more issues of corroded threaded brushes.
• The Propel Torch™ gives the user up to 3 times more brush life (if used per manufacturer recommendation), thus massively reducing the cost of brush consumables and lowering the overall cost of production.

To retain its leading position, Ensitech understood the necessity to think outside the box. User focus has now shifted from the power supply to the application process; the user requiring a solution that is fast, safe, ergonomic and economical. The design (patent pending) of the Propel Torch differs radically. The ‘T’ shaped handle allows the user’s wrist to assume a more natural position during weld cleaning, reduces user fatigue, and provides a safer, more powerful method of cleaning. Threadless brush system patent pending. Quick release brush for use with the TIG Brush Weld Cleaning System. Package of 1

Includes:  PROPEL Torch and ten pack PROPEL Torch brushes