CK130 Air Cooled TIG Torch Kit, Flex, 130A, 12.5', 1-Pc Super-Flex, CK1312HSF FX

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Flex Head
12.5 ft.
130 Amp
130 Amp
• Flex head a maximum of 40 degrees from centerline. See below for more details and recommendations.
• Hand-Held Air-Cooled TIG Welding Torch
• 8" (20.3cm) 3-1/2 oz (99gm)
• Super-Flex cables are made of durable silicone hose with nylong over-braid. This lightweight innovative design stays flexible no matter the conditions.
• 2 Series Head Accessories

The Master Series line of torches feature the same benefits as our Standard Series with the addition of application specific designs such as the CKC150, CK230, "Extra Length" Series, "Turbine" Torch (CKT200) and CK510. WARNING: Do not start bending your torch right out of the box! Strike a couple of arcs to warm up the coils inside the torch body for easier bending. Once warmed up, you are ready for bending the flexible area, generally, the area between where the handle starts and just about 1/2″ before the head. Maximum 40 degrees from centerline. Keep amount of flexes to a minimum. Spread bend over entire neck of torch. Package of 1

Amperage:  130 Amp

Cable Type:  1-Piece Super-Flex

Rated Output:  130 Amp ACHF or DCSP

Type:  Air Cooled

Head Style:  Flex Head without Valve

Consumable Series:  2 Series

Torch Style:  Standard

Length:  12.5 ft.

Torch Series:  CK130

Gas Valve:  Does Not Have Gas Control Valve

What Series is my Torch?  Knowing the series of your torch takes the guess work out of finding consumables and replacement parts.

2 Series:  torches includes 9, 20, 100, 110, 130, 200, 230FL2L, CKM230, CWH230, WCM230 torches and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

3 Series:  torches include 17, 18, 26, 150, 210, 300, 510, Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

4 Series:  stubby consumables are compatible with 17, 18, 26, 150, 210, 300, 510 Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 torches.

51 Series:  consumables are compatible with the CK510 torches.

8 Series:  torches include 24, 24W, 80, 90, 180, CWH180, CK24W.
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